Tencan Culture

Emission of Company: Lead the industry, and serve country with science and technology.
Vision of Company: Become the most trusted service provider of powder technology around the world
Objective of Company: Build brand with more than one hundred years and establish a distinct team
Purposes of Company: Make Customer Rest assured
Make Employee Happy
Make shareholder feel at ease
Make social filled with love
Core Values: The more ploughing and weeding, the better the crop, create double wins.
Business Philosophy: On basis of sincerity, striving for perfection constantly; 
Management Philosophy: Human oriented, rule of virtue, set an example, believed in business.
Employment concept:
Grant chances for those who want to do
Give position for those who can do
Honor those who made achie vement.
Spirits of Company: Perseverance, forge ahead, thanksgiving.
Dreams of Tencan: Tencan would like to become the leading and trusted brand of the industry throughout the world, which is dedicated to promote development of powder technology, establish and own a professional work team of creative talents. Serving country with science and technology and developing company with industry. Do greatest efforts to make it become an example of anticipating in international competition of global market.



Objective of Tencan

Short-term Objective ( by the end of 2016):
1)All index of planetary ball mills covering quality and sales shall be amounted to the leading position in China;
2)Company shall finish incubation of a new product and realize industrialization;
3)Company shall finish construction of Tencan Industrial Base which is planned to be put into production;
4)Company shall own 20 technology patents.

Medium-term Objective (by the end of 2020):
1)Achieve strat egy transformation from products sales to providing solutions for powder technology;
2)Anticipating in international competition with quality improved to advanced level;
3)Establish and realize operation of group company;
4)Owns at least 80 technology patents;
5)Become a listed company with good assets and great potential of development.

Long-term Objective:
Tencan shall become the most trusted brand of the industry around the world.
Serve country with science and technology;
Develop company with industrialization and return the society