Vacuum Glove Box (Stainless Steel)

  • Model No.:GBV-1
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:It is widely used is the fields of chemistry, biology and biochemistry, especially in catalyzer and metal organics.
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Some materials are very sensitive to water and oxygen when doing chemical experiment. So it is hard to finish the research. Although vacuum vessel can satisfy anaerobic and vacuum degree, it is not convenient for operating the procedure. Vacuum glove box solve the environment and operation problem


It is mainly composed of main box, transit room and base. If user has special requirement, it can also be customized and designed according to customer needs.There are 2 or 3 glove interfaces. In front of the main box, user can clearly view the inner situation. There is one vacuum ball valve above the main box body. It can be used according to user needs. The ball valve can be connected with water faucet when needing water or ventilation. Light bulb can be also installed. Transit room means the transition between the main box and outdoor, composed by two sealed doors, two vacuum ball valves and one room. Two doors isolate main box from connecting with the outdoor, making material putting in and taking out for lab easily.

1.The whole box is made of stainless steel, which is reinforced and sprayed plastic on surface so that the box is anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
2.The inside of glove box can be seen clearly from the tempered glass visual window.
3.Installed electric bulb and socket can heat partially.
4. Thick latex gloves for operation have characteristics of sealing, reliable and durable.
5. The sealing device is designed new, reliable, and easy to start.
6. Water faucets are installed both inside and outside, which is easy for the gas or water to get in.
7. Two doors in transition cabinet solves the problem of pumping vacuum repeatedly for main box. 
Parameters of Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box
No. Model No. Outline Dimension
Box Size
Transition Cabinet
Glove Port
Vacuum Degree
1 GBV-1 1030*570*530 600*500*500 Ф200*280 Ф145 0-0.1Mpa
Keep vacuum for
more than 12 hours
2 GBV-2 1295*715*675 800*650*650 Ф273*350 Ф145
3 GBV-3 1755*776*1010 1200*700*950 Ф350*400 Ф196
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