Inclined Mixer

  • Model No.:XMX-5
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:The machine is suitable for mixing two or more different kinds of materials, which is widely applied in the fields of electronics, ceramics, chemistry, medicine, daily use chemical, organic and inorganic matter. According to customer’s need, mixing barrel can be made of polished stainless steel,or corundum,PU liners and so on.
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Inclined mixer with a 30 degree inclined mixing barrel is operated smoothly with no pollution, PU or PTFE media balls can be applied to mix different powder material uniformly and rapidly. When mixing, we can add balls to grind with an impressive effect. This machine is suitable for various material mixing, which is widely applied in electron industry, ceramic industry, chemical industry, medicine, daily use chemical, organics, inorganic matter and other two more products’ mixing. On the basis of customer requirements, mixing barrel can employ inside and outside polished stainless steel jar, or lined with corundum, PU and so on.

Working Principle
There is a included angle between simplified center and horizontal plane, so the material will act at random to mix with no dead angle.
1. Simple structure, easy operation.
2. Uniform mixing with no dead angle.
3. Various material or lining can be chose for mixing barrel.
4. Both frequency control and CRPM are available.
5. Grinding ball can be added when mixing to reach better result.
Parameters of Tencan Inclined Mixer
Model No. Mixing Volume(L) Total Volume(L) Feed Volume Coefficient Power(kw) Rotating Speed(rpm)
XMX-5 2 5 0.4 0.25 50
XMX-10 4 10 0.4 0.25 45
XMX-20 8 20 0.4 0.37 32
XMX-50 20 50 0.4 0.75 32
XMX-100 40 100 0.4 1.5 30
XMX-200 80 200 0.4 3 24
XMX-300 120 300 0.4 4 20
XMX-500 200 500 0.4 7.5 12

Selection Helps for Type:
1.Model instruction: XMX-(Barrel’s Capacity): for example, XMX-5 indicates the inclined mixer’s capacity is 5L.
2. Choose the material of barrel and lining according to raw material.
3. Choose the size of barrel according to the quantity of raw material each time.
4. Choose the frequency control, timing and other particular controls according to customer’s requirement.

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