Lab Sample Grinder Machine

  • Model No.:GJ-3
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:Lab sample grinder machine is also called sealed lab sample grinder machine, which is often used for milling, grinding, smashing nonmetallic minerals with certain hardness, such as coal, coke, waste rock, all kinds of ores. It grinds materials into powder for lab analysis and test.
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  • Overview
  • Working Principle
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Sample grinder machine works by way of vibration grinding. There are breaking rings and breaking hammer in the feeder bowl where materials are put. When the bowl makes rotation at high speed which causes strong vibration and friction, materials inside it are ground and crushed by breaking rings and hammer. Materials can be rapidly ground into powder sample of 80-200mu within 2-6 minutes that can be directly used for test.
Feeder bowl is made of different materials such as common steel, manganese steel, wear proof alloy, tungsten carbide and so on. According to the different materials of the bowl, the mineral hardness is also different.


Working Principle
The samples are put into the feeder bowl, where are breaking rings and a breaking hammer. The eccentricity hammer makes rotation by the motor at high speed, which causes vibrating impact and friction to grind the sample into powder.
1.Uniform sampling granularity, fast, reliable, high grinding efficiency.
2.Grinding material can be use directly without screening, fewer process, high production efficiency
3.Reasonable design: the whole sealed design, no dust pollution, conform to environmental compliance.
4.Stable operation, low noise, reaches the safety requirements.
5.Compact structure, easy maintenance and handle.
6.One to three samples can be ground at the same time.
7.Grinding pot is made of especial anti-wear material and sealed well without any loss samples.
8.Timer is optional for equipment.

Parameter of Lab Sample Grinder Machine
Model No. Inlet Size(mm)/ Bowl quality(piece) Feed Size
Granularity (mm)
Power(kw) Dimension
GJ-3 130*3 13 80-200 300 1.5KW(380V) 560*530*945 123
GJ-2 130*2 13 80-200 200 1.1KW(380V) 510*480*760 110
GJ-1 120*1 13 80-200 100 1.1KW(380V) 510*480*760 108

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