Small Stirred Ball Mill

  • Model No.:JM-10
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Application:It’s widely applied in fields of zirconia silicate, zirconia, alumina oxide, ceramic, chemical, electronic material, magnetic material, paper-making, painting, non-metal minerals, new materials, coating, graphite, calcium carbonate, medicine, and so on.
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Stirred ball mill mainly consist of jar with inner grinding media, stirring device and other auxiliary devices such as recycling device, cooling device, timing device, speed adjusting controller, and etc. Its advantages of high efficiency and fine granularity meet technological requirements of various processes. Stirred ball mill is a kind of ideal equipment that are used to crush new materials and research painting for universities, research centers and enterprises because of its features of small batch, low power and low price.

When machine rotates with high speed under driving of main axis and grind media move irregularly at the same time, the grind material can be crushed, ground and sheared into fine granularity powder. The size, shape and matching ratio of the grind media can affect the grinding result. Generally speaking, the bigger the mill media is, the finer the grinding powder is. A proper match ratio of grind medias and proper adjustment of rotation speed can get better grinding effect.

1)High utilization rate of energy, saving energy
2)Granularity is adjustable by adjusting grinding time
3)Less vibration, low noise
4)Simple structure, easy operation
5)Meet requirements of various processes, realize continuous or intermittent production
6)Jar with jacket, easy to control the grinding temperature
7)Customized service is available. Special functions such as timing, speed adjusting, recycling, temperature controlling can be selected and ordered.
8)A variety of grinding jars in different materials is available for customer’s option such as stainless steel, corundum ceramic, polyurethane, zirconia and so on.

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Main Parameters of Stirred Ball Mill
Model No. Rotate Speed
Load Capacity
Power Supply
Available Jars Feed Size
Output Granularity
Speed Control Mode Category
JM-1L 50-1400 1 0.35 0.37KW/220V Stainless steel
Alumina ceramic
≤5 ≤1µm Frequency speed adjuster Laboratory Scale
JM-2L 50-1400 2 0.7 0.37KW/220V ≤5 ≤1µm
JM-3L 50-1400 3 1.05 0.37KW/220V ≤5 ≤1µm
JM-5L 60-560 5 1.75 0.75KW/220V ≤5 ≤1µm Frequency speed adjuster
or Fixed speed setting
for buyer's option
Small Type
JM-10L 60-560 10 3.5 1.5KW/220V ≤10 ≤1µm
JM-15L 60-380 15 5.25 2.2KW/380V ≤10 ≤1µm
JM-20L 60-380 20 7 2.2KW/380V ≤10 ≤1µm Light Type
JM-30L 60-310 30 10.5 3.0KW/380V Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Nylon liner
PU liner
Alumina ceramic liner
PTFE liner
≤10 ≤1µm
JM-50L 60-140 50 17.5 4.0KW/380V ≤10 ≤1µm
JM-100L 60-140 100 35 7.5KW/380V ≤20 ≤1µm Industrial Type
JM-200L 60-110 200 70 11KW/380V ≤20 ≤1µm
JM-300L 60-110 300 100 15KW/380V ≤20 ≤1µm
JM-500L 60-90 500 170 18.5KW/380V ≤20 ≤1µm
JM-600L 60-90 600 200 22KW/380 ≤20 ≤1µm
Besides the planetary ball mill machine, our factory provides all kinds of mill pots,like stainless steel mill pot, zirconia mill pot, alumina mill pot, nylon mill pot, PU mill pot, tungsten mill pot, hard metal mill pot and tempered nylon mill pot etc. Further, we also provide stainless steel mill balls, zirconia mill balls, alumina mill balls, PU mill balls, steel carbon mill balls,tungsten mill balls, etc.

Suggestions for Matching Solution About Mill Jars & Materials

We can also provide all kinds of mill balls like stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, steel carbon balls, tungsten balls, agate balls, hard metal balls, silicon nitride balls, high wear resistant steel ball, manganese steel balls, nylon balls, cemented carbide, crystal glass and other special metal materials.

Suggestions for Matching Solution About Grinding Medium & Materials

Pictures of Accessories & Spare Parts

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