Lab Sand Mill

  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:This machine is widely applied in the fields of paint, printing ink, chemistry coating and other production and research industries like electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, phosphors, ceramic capacitors, MLCC, PTC or NTC, alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, zinc oxide powder, Ni-Zn ferrites, Mn-Zn ferrites and so on.
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 Lab sand mill is a piece of equipment designed to crush, grind, disperse a given material into very small particles of roughly equal size such as non-mental, organic samples, herbal medicine. Sand mills are used for processing a wide variety of products, and can also be used as mixers and dispersers, creating a uniform mixture of several components during the grinding process. At the same time, with the characteristics of small size, low consumption, low price, it is the best equipment for colleges, research facilities and companies to do the crushing and research of new materials and printing ink.


On a sand mill, a central bar agitates the media balls and sample materials in the mill jar, causing them to have a high-speed action. The materials will be crushed, ground, dispersed and emulsified by heavy shear, impact and rolling.


1.Simple structure and easy operation.
2.Easy to change the chuck on the central bar.
3.The mill bowl with water cooling jacket to do the grind and cooling at the same time.
4.Disperser installed on the central bar to disperse the material.
5.Grinder at different speed according to the requirement.
Parameter of Lab Sand Mill
Capacity of mill pot: 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L
Liner of mill pot: Stainless steel, alumina, zirconia etc.
Stirred speed: 1400, 2800, 3500 rpm or adjustable speed
Mill media: Alumina, zirconia etc. (≤Φ10mm)
Motor power: 120-1500W
Output granularity: Minimum granularity can be reached to 1μm
 Mill Jars and Mill Balls

We provide all kinds of mill pots in any matched size, which can be made of agate, alumina corundum ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, carborundum ceramics, stainless steel, high wear resistant steel, manganese steel, nylon, PU, cemented carbide, crystal glass, and etc.

We can also provide all kinds of mill balls like stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, steel carbon balls, tungsten balls, agate balls, hard metal balls, silicon nitride balls, high wear resistant steel ball, manganese steel balls, nylon balls, cemented carbide, crystal glass and other special metal materials.

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