Ministar Centrifuge 12K/10K

  • Model No.:K12/10K
  • Brand:HENGNUO
  • Applications:Application Fields 1. Extracting serum from whole blood 2. Extracting supernatant of various samples 3. Rapid decanting of sample 4. Micro blood cell separation 5. Microbial sample treatment 6. PCR experiment partition centrifugation
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Model No. Ministar10/Ministar12    

Mini Centrifuge has an unique and fresh appearance which is flexible and multiple in application. It is equipped with two kinds of centrifugal rotors and a variety of tube sleeves, suitable for 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes and 0.2ml/8mL continuous row centrifuge tubes for PCR. With humanized design in application, it has flip switch function of automatic stopping by opening cover. Further, it owns functions of electronic timing and speed adjusting. Full transparent spherical top cover and multiple rotor configuration make it achieve the best effect in pursuit of creativity and simplicity, injecting with humanized colors for scientific research and rational laboratories.


 Product Features

1. Convenient and efficient three in one large radius 18 hole rotor is compatible with three sizes of 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifugal tubes.

2. Adopting high frequency and wide voltage power technology with input voltage range 85-265V AC, it can be used globally for ensuring operation;

3. Unique design of rotor snap is much convenient for rotor replacement.

4. Equipped with LED digital display, time and speed can be set, more scientific and rigorous

5. Ultra low noise, stable operation. Equipped with reliable maintenance free motor, durable, safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters


Technical Parameters

Model No.

MiniStar 10K/12KAdjustable

Power Supply

85-265VAC  50/60HZ



Drive Motor

DC Motor12VDC

Time Setting


Max Speed


Max relative centrifugal force

5500×g /7900×g

Sample Disposal

6*1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml centrifuge tubes & 2*8*0.2ml(0.2ml PCR centrifuge tube)



Net Weight





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