Bench-top High Speed Micro Centrifuge 1-14

  • Product Name::Bench-top High Speed Micro Centrifuge
  • Model No.:1-14
  • Brand:HENGNUO
  • Applications: life science, medicine, chemical engineering,
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Bench-top High Speed Micro Centrifuge
Model No. 1-14
Bench-top High Speed Micro Centrifuge 1-14 is suitable for centrifugal tubes of 5ml/ 2.0ml/ 1.5ml/ 0.5ml/ 0.2ml centrifuge experiment,
which is widely used in life science, medicine, chemical engineering, and etc.

Product Features:

1.Large LCD display showing all operating parameters.

2.After finishing operation, it sounds reminder and the upper cover shall open automatically to facilitate cooling sample.

3. Unique indicator shows temperature inside centrifuge to ensure safety of sample.

4. Instant centrifugal function, maximum speed setting expands its applications.

5. After reaching set speed, you can modify operation parameters.

6. Dynamic icon with unique design sense in operation panel displays operation status in real-time.

7. Rotation speed and centrifugal force do not need to be switched, which is convenient for data reading.

8.Faster acceleration / deceleration rate benefits to separate more samples in a shorter time.

9.Displaying of operation process and reminding of error code.

10. High strength and corrosion-resistant rotor which is resistant to high temperature and high pressure disinfection (excluding rotor cover) .


Technical Parameters

Model No.


Power Supply

220VAC±10% 50-60Hz  110VAC±10% 60Hz



Drive Motor

AC Frequency Motor (DC Brushless Motor)

Time Setting

1 s-99 min 59s

Max Rotation Speed


Increment: 100rpm

Max relative centrifugal force


Increment: 100×g

Max Capacity


Maximum centrifugal medium density


Accelerating time to maximum speed


Decelerating time from maximum speed




Net Weight


Dimensions (L*W*H)


Order Information

Product Name


Description of Goods


Max Rotation speed/Max Relative Centrifugal Force

Machine Model


Bench-top High Speed Micro Centrifuge


Angle Rotor

1.5ml/2.0ml×24   0.5ml×24  0.2ml×24

14800rpm /21060×g

Angle Rotor

0.5ml/×36   0.2ml×36

14800rpm /21060×g

Angle Rotor


14800rpm/ 21060×g

Angle Rotor

0.2ml/PCR 8×4

14800rpm /21060×g

Capillary rotor


12000rpm /13800×g

0.5ml Adapter

ABS Compound Material 24PCS/set


0.2ml Adapter

ABS Compound Material 24PCS/set


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