Vertical Square Planetary Ball Mill (Production Model)

  • Model No.:XQM-(20-100)
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:The planetary ball mill is widely used in many fields of geology, mine, metallurgy, electric industry, construction, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, environmental protection etc.
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Vertical planetary ball mill is a necessary device of high-tech materials mixing, fine grinding, sample making, new product development and small batch production. Tencan planetary ball mill owns small volume, high efficiency, low noise and functional features which is a ideal equipment for R&D institution, university, enterprises laboratory to get samples (each experiment can get
Four samples at the same time). this kind of ball mill can be used for grinding special materials under the vacuum condition if it is loaded with vacuum mill jars.
Vertical planetary ball mill production model is a large-sized planetary ball mill which is designed, developed, and manufactured on the basis of working principle of small planetary ball mill. The
production planetary ball mill is mainly suitable for mass grinding production.


 Planetary Ball Mill has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turntable. When the turntable rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements, the balls and samples inside the tanks are impacted strongly in high speed movement, and samples are eventually ground into powder. Various kinds of different materials can be ground by the mill with dry or wet method. Minimum granularity of ground powder can be as small as 0.1μm.


The ball mill shell is welded with thick steel plate, which has high strength, impact resistance, deformation resistance, fine workmanship, strong and beautiful appearance. The material of mechanic parts is strictly processed by heat treatment process and numerical control processing technology. The gear box is adopted with quasi-sealed groove embedded structure, and the drive gear is made of wear-resistant precision gear. The machine frame and structure are fully considered in design to ensure the stable, safe and reliable operation of the ball mill under long-term and high load conditions, and to effectively achieve the effect of noise reduction in the operation of the machine. The liquid oil self-lubricating device is designed with low noise and high intensity, and it is equipped with a liquid oil level meter for easy replacement. The supporting lifting and feeding devices are adopted with integrated design. The feeding device incorporates the technology of vibrating screening and discharging for simple and convenient operation. It realizes easy and fast picking up, discharging and loading of mill jars, reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. With the touch screen of micro-computer, machine operation is becoming convenient, the interface is more simple and intuitive,forward and reversal alternating control can be achieved easily. It owns functions of timing and power-off memory.

Advantages of Tencan Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Production Model

1.Stable revolving speed of the drive gear ensures consistency and repeatability of experiment.

2. Planetary movement principle is adopted in the machine with advantages of high speed, large energy, high efficiency, fine granularity.

3. Four powder samples from different sizes and different materials can be obtained for each batch.

4. Ball mill is controlled by frequency converter, you may choose ideal rotating speed according to expected experimental result. The frequency converter is

equipped with device of under voltage and over-current to protect the motor.

5. Planetary ball mill has functions of timing power off, self-timing forward and reversal rotation. You may choose freely any operation mode of one-way direction,

alternation, succession, time setting according to experimental needs, so as to improve grinding efficiency.

6. Technical features of Tencan planetary ball mill: low center of gravity, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, lower noise, small loss.

7. Safety switch is installed on the machine for stopping to prevent safety accident if the safety cover is opened while machine is running.

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Technical Data Sheet of Tencan Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Production Model

Drive Mode  Gear drive
Operation Mode

 Two or four mill jars can be used for each grinding

Max Load Capacity For Materials  Less than 1/3 of each jar volume, total max capacity: less than 1/3 of total jars volume
Feed Size of Materials  Soft and Crispy material≤10mm,Other hard materials≤3mm
Output Granularity  Smallest granularity  can be reached to 0.1µm
Rotational Speed Ratio 1/2
Max.Continuous Operating Time 72 Hours
Materials of Available Mill Jars  304 Stainless steel, 316l stainless steel, Zirconia, Nylon, PU,
Alumina ceramic (corundum), PTFE, Agate, Tungsten carbide,etc


Technical Parameter Table(I) of Vertical Square Planetary Ball Mill (Production Type)
Type NO Specification Volume of Each Matched Pot Quantity Remarks
XQM-20 20L 2-5L 4pcs Matched with vacuum mill pots from 2L to 4L
XQM-40 40L 5-10L 4pcs Can be Matched with 5L Vacuum mill Pot
XQM-60 60L 10-15L 4pcs Can be Matched with 10L Vacuum mill Pot
XQM-100 100L 20-25L 4pcs Can be Matched with 20L Vacuum mill Pot
Technical Parameter Table(II) of Vertical Square Planetary Ball Mill (Production Type)
Model Power
Voltage Revolution
Alternating Run Time
of Forward
& Reversal Rotation
XQM-20 4 380V-50Hz 25-215 50-430 1-9999 1-999 65db
XQM-40 5.5 380V-50Hz 20-195 40-390 1-9999 1-999 68db
XQM-60 7.5 380V-50Hz 27-174 40-260 1-9999 1-999 68db
XQM-100 11 380V-50Hz 27-160 40-240 1-9999 1-999 68db
Technical Parameter Table(III) of Vertical Square Planetary Ball Mill (Production Type)
Model Power
Speed Control Mode Net Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
XQM-20 4 Frequency Control 440 1200*760*920
XQM-40 5.5 Frequency Control 675 1400*850*1030
XQM-60 7.5 Frequency Control 875 1600*950*1120
XQM-100 11 Frequency Control 1100 1750*1100*1180

Please Check the Parameter of Mill Jar and Mill Ball

Material Volume of Mill Jar Diameter of Mill Ball (mm)
Stainless Steel 2L,2.5L,3L,4L,5L,10L,15L,20L,25L 1-30mm
Zirconia 2L,3L,4L,5L 1-30mm
Alumina 2L,3L,5L,10L 1-50mm
Tungsten Carbide \ 3-10mm
Agate 2L 6-35mm
Iron Core PU \ 15-30mm
Nylon 2L,2.5L,3L,4L,5L,10L,15L,20L,25L \
PU 2L,2.5L,3L,4L,5L,10L,15L,20L,25L \
PTFE 2L,2.5L,3L,4L,5L,10L \
Besides the planetary ball mill machine, our factory provides all kinds of mill pots,like stainless steel mill pot, zirconia mill pot, alumina mill pot, nylon mill pot, PU mill pot, tungsten mill pot, hard metal mill pot and tempered nylon mill pot etc. Further, we also provide stainless steel mill balls, zirconia mill balls, alumina mill balls, PU mill balls, steel carbon mill balls,tungsten mill balls, etc.

Available Mill Jars & Specifications

Description of Mill Jars

Available Specifications

304 Stainless steel mill jar

From 50ml to 25L

Alumina ceramic (Corundum) mill jar

From 50ml to 10L

Zirconium mill jar

From 50ml to 5L

Nylon mill jar

From 50ml to 25L

Polyurethane mill jar

From 50ml to 1L

PTFE/Teflon mill jar

From 50ml to 10L

Agate mill jar

From 50ml to 2L

Tungsten carbide mill jar

From 50ml to 2L

316l Stainless steel mill jar


304 Stainless steel vacuum mill jar



Suggestions for Matching Solution About Mill Jars & Materials

Materials & Requests

Recommended Solutions

Soil materials and other materials which are not allowed with any impurity contamination

Agate mill jar

Metal or nonmetal which are not allowed with any impurity contamination

Zirconium mill jar

High hardness materials like diamond, tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide mill jar

Strong add & alkali materials, or other materials under high temperature

PTFE mill jar

Iron ore materials or other materials with low impurity sensitivity

304 stainless steel mill jar

Pigment or materials with later processing under high temperature

Nylon mill jar

Aluminum materials like ceramic glaze

Corundum mill jar

Electronic materials like lithium battery

Polyurethane mill jar

Easily oxidized materials or some materials which need to be protected under special atmosphere


Vacuum mill jar

We can also provide all kinds of mill balls like stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, steel carbon balls, tungsten balls, agate balls, hard metal balls, silicon nitride balls, high wear resistant steel ball, manganese steel balls, nylon balls, cemented carbide, crystal glass and other special metal materials.

Available Mill Balls & Specifications


Available Specifications (Diameter Size)

304 Stainless steel mill balls

From 1mm to 30mm

316l Stainless steel mill balls

From 1mm to 30mm

Alumina mill balls

From 1mm-50mm

Zirconium mill balls

From 0.1mm to 30mm

Agate mill balls

From 1mm-30mm

Tungsten carbide mill balls

From 2mm to 20mm

Carbon steel mill balls

From 1mm to 30mm

Iron core PU mill balls

From 15mm-30mm

Suggestions for Matching Solution About Grinding Medium & Materials

Grinding Balls

Hardness ( Mohs )


Tungsten Carbide Balls


Super wear-resistance, no impurity, anti-corrosion,

High temperature resistance

Zirconia Balls


Super wear-resistance, no impurity, anti-corrosion,

High temperature resistance, commonly used for medicine, food and other materials which can not be allowed with impurity.

Stainless Steel Balls


Wear-resistance, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, brings some impurity.

Agate Balls


Super wear-resistance, commonly used for medicine, food and other materials which can not be allowed with impurity, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance

Alumina Balls


Wear-resistance, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, brings impurity

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