Lubrication Oil Wear Test Machine

  • Model No.:Lubrication Oil Wear Test Machine
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:This machine is usually used in testing and demonstrating anti-wear performance of engine oil, lubricant and anti-wear additives.
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Lubrication Oil Wear Test Machine is also called oil wear test machine, lubricant abrasion tester, oil abrasion testing machine, anti-abrasive additive test machine. Based on the experimenting principle of America Block-on-Ring Test Machine, it is developed in simplifying some functions which makes it operate easily and perform reliably. This machine can display anti-wear performance of engine oil and lubricant quickly and directly. Its main parts consist of a grinding ring rotating with the chief axis and a grinding pillar fixed on the ring. When working under different pressure, a sliding friction appears between the grinding ring and the grinding pillar.
Tencan oil wear test machine has features such as small volume, light weight, good trial stability and excellent reproducibility, easy operation, direct display of testing result. As the machine reflects the anti-wear performance of engine oil and anti-abrasive additive quickly and directly, it is widely used in demonstrating of sales and marketing, R&D, manufacturing of products which have good anti-wear performance such as lubricant, engine oil as well as anti-abrasive additives. The machine is an ideal and necessary equipment for promoting in sales of engine oil, lubricant, anti-wear additives, and so on. At present, this machine is one of hot sales throughout world with its advantages of reliable quality, light weight and portable model, good outlook.  

1.More convenience and energy saving.
2.Small volume and good outlook with special design.
3.Reliable demonstration, excellent performance and durable in use.
4.Perfect performance of live demonstration, more believable and more strong persuasion.
5.Direct display of motor power load parameters and perform more scientifically.
6.More safe in demonstration with sensitive protection device of over load.
7.More reliable in demonstration, more convenient to pour oil with special design of the oil cup.
8.More convenient in testing if equipped with weight plate and collect bottle for waste oil. (Option)
9.More effective in demonstration of anti-wear performance under high temperature if equipped with temperature display. (Option) 
Parameter of Lubrication Oil Wear Test Machine
Motor Power Motor Voltage Weight of Load Magnification Times
0.12KW single-phase 220V 0.6kg/pcs 12.2

Basic Configuration of Lubrication Oil Wear Test Machine
Main Engine Oil Box Weight Oil stone Mill Beads Instruction Qualification
1pcs 2pcs 10pcs 2pcs 20pcs 1pcs 1pcs
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