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Application Cases

Water Slag Grinding Experiment


Backgrounds: Ground by Tencan planetary ball mill, matched with stainless steel jars and stainless steel mill balls. Grinding Time: one Hour. Granularity of output powder meets customer’s request

Applied Machine: Tencan Planetary Ball Mill Model No.XQM-2

1. Description
1) Applied Field: New Material Industry.
2) Materials: Water Slag
3) Feed Size: 1-3mm.
4) Quantity of Feed: 500g
5) Material Property: Hard and Crispy.
6) Customer’s Request: Under 50μm.
7) Subsequent Analysis: Particle Size Test

                  Before Grinding                                         After Grinding

1) Equipment Selection: Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Model XQM-2.
2) Accessories: Stainless Steel Jars and Stainless Steel Balls.
3) Running Parameter Setting: Rotation Speed: 500rpm, Positive and Negative Reciprocal Operation after 30-minute running.
4) Grinding Time: One Hours
5) Grinding Result: 99%<50μm
6) Note: Materials are dried completely before grinding.
7) Conclusion: Planetary Ball Mill Model XQM-6 can be used to grind water slag.

3. Application Fields: Water slag powder ground by XQM-2 can be applied into new materials.